Upcoming Competitions

Pop-Up White-Belt Tournament:

Saturday, May 4th, 2023

Doors Open at 8:30am

Matches Start at 9:30am

$20 to enter - $100 prize for each of the two divisions

Division 1: Below 170

Division 2: 170 and Above

Submission Only - 10 minute match with a 5 minute overtime

$10 Spectator fee

Tournament Format:

There will be 2 phases to determine the winner.

The first will be pool play to determine seeding. Tie-breakers will be decided by time of submission.

The next will be a single elimination tournament to crown the winner of each division.

Tournament Rules:

No slams or spinal manipulations.

All leg submissions are prohibited with the exception of straight ankle locks.


Current Match


On Deck


In the Hole


For the livestream of this event, go to @lacrosseamericanjiujitsu on Instagram